Dominik Hanke

Web Developer & Lecturer

That's me

Photo: Dominik Hanke correcting exams
Correcting exams in October 2017, using the typical tool of a teacher: The red pen.


+49 30 484 734 06
USt-IdNr. DE311347906


Front-End Skills

  • JavaScript ES6
  • React, Redux
  • Vue.js

Back-End Skills

  • PHP, Laravel, Lumen
  • MySQL, MongoDB
  • Node.js, Express
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis



  • Bicycling
  • Squash


  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science

About Me

I'm 30+, happy to be a professional web developer for more than 15 years now and had the chance to work in many different environments and projects.

2004 I began my digital career as a freelancer and developed a lot of websites and applications for artists, societies and small businesses.

2006 I moved to Bonn, for new challenges at, the largest cooking community in Germany. I got the chances to learn, grow my career and lead small teams to success.

2014, after 7 inspiring years with the chefkoch people, I moved to Berlin for another new challenge, being Head of Development at Being the Head of Development I introduced new processes, workflows and quality management.

2017, after almost 4 years of management and coding, I decided to try something completely different and became a lecturer at the Digital Career Institute. I was teaching the participants to become (junior) full-stack developers with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB and more.

2018, after successfully training one group of people to become junior web developers, I went back to linkbird, which had been rebranded to contentbird in the meantime. The desire to be creative as a developer again was strong and contentbird offered a chance to participate in an exciting data science project.


  • since January 2010 is a very successful tool to convert images into base64 strings. The website is using modern technologies like Drag & Drop uploads, parallel processing and optional image optimization.

    It began as a small side project, when I couldn't find an easy tool to convert images to base64 without having to care about correct mime types and without any command line tools involved.

    In May 2015 the whole project was rewritten using PHP, Laravel, Coffeescript and JavaScript libraries (like Dropzone.js and ZeroClipboard) to support all current features and deliver an elegant user experience where files are dropped onto the page and the results are copied to the clipboard by the click of a button.

  • updated Nov 2018

    I created my very own tutorial to teach React and Redux as a lecturer, because the resources I found have been too low level or too complicated and there was no "medium sized" walk-through to guide my students.

    The tutorial uses the classic example of a ToDo list and finishes with inline editing, Redux as a central data storage and syncing the data to localStorage to keep the items without the need of a database.

    React + Redux Introduction
    Demo of the application